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Gore started a trend, and Santorum wants to follow him by documenting what I'm sure Gore will consider a much more dubious and abstract threat than the oceans overflowing into our living rooms by 2017--
radical Islam:

The first project, Santorum said, would explore the relationship between radical Islam and the radical leftists in various countries around the world, including Latin America. It would be about an hour in length.

Hmmm, maybe he could enlist the help of Hot Air alum Clint Taylor, who knows a bit about the subject?

The other project? The culture wars, of course. That's a snoozer for me, but I like the radical Islam idea and the fact that Santorum is interested in creating messages to counter the other side. He's got name recognition and a lot of big donors who might also be interested in fighting the immense message machine the Left has in Hollywood.

I don't know much of Santorum's film-making skills or who he might have helping him, but I do know he was one of the best guys out on the campaign trail this year when addressing the threat to the West posed by radical Islam. It would be nice to see that clarity and seriousness reflected in film.

In case you're wondering what else the former senator is up to:

Central to most of what he is doing, though, is his focus on what he says are the dangers of ''Islamic fascism,'' which Santorum often talked about as he toured the state during his re-election run last year. He said at the end of his campaign he made a decision o stay in the public sphere because of the gravity of the danger he thinks America faces from radical Islam.

At the beginning of the year he joined the conservative Washington think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he is heading a program that focuses on highlighting what it calls the threat from radical Islam and other anti-Western forces.

''One of the reasons we are not doing well is because our leaders, including myself, have not been direct in describing this enemy and why it is so dangerous,'' Santorum said.

Santorum is also writing a book on a related topic, speaking at conferences and universities and has signed on as a contributor to Fox News.
I'm glad to have him in the game, still, especially because it seems dedicated conservative elected officials seem to gain some likability and respectability among media once the MSM decides they're not endangering the Republic anymore by actually being in office. I'm happy to have Santorum as a telegenic, likable, serious spokesperson on the War on Terror if we had to lose him in the Senate.

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