Huffington Post Cheney Blood Clot Thread Closed

Posted: Mar 06, 2007 9:39 AM

Here's the story with no comment thread.

Hmmm, I wonder why they might have had to do that.

My prayers go to the veep and his family. Clots can be very dangerous, but they discovered it early. It looks like it might have been the long trip to the Middle East that caused part of the problem:

Many people suffer DVT after spending long periods without moving,such as passengers on long-haul airline flights. Cheney spent about 65hours on a plane on a nine-day, round-the-world trip that ended lastweek.

''When you're just sitting there with your legs hanging downfor long periods of time, that's what predisposes you to the problem,''said Sean O'Donnell, chief of vascular surgery of Washington HospitalCenter.

''Treated properly, it poses a small threat,'' O'Donnell said. ''Untreated and unrecognized, it's a very serious problem.''