I Knew Bushitler Couldn't <em>Really</em> Love His Wife

Posted: Feb 13, 2007 1:08 PM

Bush lied, cupids died!

Rachael Ray and Laura Bush speak truth to power:

In a television interview broadcast Monday, first lady Laura Bush was asked how good President Bush is about remembering the romantic holiday.

"Not very good," she told daytime talk-show host Rachael Ray. "There's a White House florist, so they always send up flowers and he signs the card." ...

"Last year, one of the gardeners at the White House -- they're National Park employees -- did a heart topiary for the president to give to me," the first lady said. "But, of course, the president didn't think of it. The gardener did."

Or, perhaps Mr. Bush is being misunderestimated once again and his intention is to spurn the "super-patriarchal" holiday in order to take Laura to a super-romantic performance of "The Vagina Monologues."

Speaking of which, a couple campus groups are working to reclaim Valentine's Day from radical feminists who initially reclaimed it from normal people. So, I'm not really sure who it belongs to anymore, but I do know that college campuses have gone far enough crazy that having a flower sale on Valentine's Day counts as a newsworthy political statement. Yeesh.