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Let's play "One of These Things is Not Like the Other," shall we? Three choices.

1) Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Not all college students support racial preferences and some UCLA students made their feelings known in a highly innovative way. In early February, Bruin Republicans organized a campus cookie sale, but not your ordinary cookie sale. They offered cookies at different prices depending on the customer's race and sex. Black, Latino and American Indian females were charged 25 cents for a cookie while their male counterparts were charged 50 cents. White females were charged a dollar. White males were charged two dollars. Asian males and females also were charged two dollars a cookie.


2) MLK Day Fried Chick and 40s Party

Authorities at Tarleton State University said they plan to investigate a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that mocked black stereotypes by featuring fried chicken, malt liquor and faux gang apparel...

Photographs posted on social networking Web site showed partygoers wearing Afro wigs and fake gold and silver teeth. One photo showed students "mocking how African-Americans do step shows," Elder said. In another picture, a student is dressed as Aunt Jemima and carries a gun.

3) Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day

Three Young Conservatives members walked around campus wearing bright orange t-shirts with the words "Illegal Immigrant" on the front and "Catch me if u can" on the back for the game. People were encouraged to find these members and ask them why the organization does not support Bush's plan. The plan grants amnesty to immigrants with a job or job offer lasting for three years. The amnesty can be ended if workers do not remain employed, break program rules or break a law.

Participants who caught the "immigrants" were rewarded with a 100 Grand candy bar. Michele Connole, Lewisville junior and Young Conservatives of Texas publicity director, said the purpose of the event was to bring illegal immigration to the forefront of campus debate. "We're a border state," Connole said. "We suffer from the draining of our economy." For the group, the issue of security is another main point against granting amnesty to illegal immigrants...


Can you tell the difference? This is a game they used to play on Sesame Street because that is the age for which it's appropriate. Unfortunately, Jane Fleming of the Young Democrats of America never learned to play. Here's what she had to say on Fox's LIve Desk today, while the panel was discussing the Tarleton MLK Day party:

This definitely crosses a line of free speech and this is happening on other college campuses.

All right, Jane. I can deal with this so far. Please tell us more about what's going on on other campuses, as we are all concerned about the epidemic:

There’s events called "catch an illegal immigrant" and affirmative action bake sales.

Are you on the crack pipe, Jane? Those activities are political speech, protests against bad race-based university policies and the failure of governments to uphold the rule of immigration law. You really don't see a difference?

And this seems to be happening more and more with what seem to be conservative students.
Ahh, so conservative political speech "crosses a line of free speech?" in the same way that, say, you think wearing blackface or throwing Fried Chicken and 40s parties does? Spoken like a true college-campus liberal. Everyone who's not progressive and tolerant and kind like I am, "JUST SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU IGNORANT RACISTS!"

All these activities were planned by a group called Young America’s Foundation.

YAF was formed in the 1960s at Vanderbilt University as an answer to the radical groups on campus at the time. Since then it has become a respected training ground for young conservatives. The organization holds seminars at the Reagan Ranch in California, recruits conservative speakers for campus events, and trains young, conservative journalists at its National Journalism Center. Some alumni include John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, best-selling author Ann Coulter, and Stephen Hayward. This is not some kook, racist organization, and the fact that she suggests it is a really lame, transparent, stupid smear.

And, it concerns me because it doesn’t reflect this generation.

Young, politically active conservatives should concern you, Jane, but not for the reasons you think.

This generation is the most diverse generation in history and they’re more progressive, so it concerns me that sort of fringe students are now acting out against races in this way.

Once again, conservative = fringe. Affirmative action bake sale = Fried Chicken and 40s Party. Political speech = acting out against races. The fact that she seems to think these things are comparable illustrates the absolute vapidity of the average college-campus-dwelling Lefty.


Does she really not see the intended irony in the affirmative action bake sale. You see, sweetie, it's not actual racism. They're not charging white and black students different prices because they actually think the races aren't equal. They're charging them different prices to make fun of the fact that liberals don't think the races are equal. It's satire.

Liberals, and you'll know this because you seem never to have spent any time with anyone else, believe that black people and other minorities need extra help to get into college and generally succeed in life. Liberals give black students special scholarships and sometimes lower test standards because they don't think they can compete on a level playing field. That's racism far more hurtful than a 50-cent brownie, Jane.


Jane, I'm trying to explain some things, here.

As for "Catch an Illegal lmmigrant" day, umm, there are 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Very little has been done in the last 30 years to uphold the laws that would prevent them from getting here and staying here illegally. Some people think this is a problem, and that laws should mean something. Once again, using a bit of political theater, conservatives on campus made their views known.








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