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Oh Yeah, I'm a-Goin' to the Summit

I'm going to the NRI Conservative Summit this weekend, and looking forward to it.

The online registration is capped, but they're taking walk-ins, so come join us if you can.

Here's the agenda. You know, sometimes when I'm standing around my kitchen in my RNC standard-issue apron baking cookies instead of working, it occurs to me for just one second how oppressed I am, as a conservative woman. I wonder to myself, "why didn't I join the party of 'women's rights'" where I could express myself and achieve something beyond the perfect pineapple upside down cake and a couple young'ins?

I mean, just look at the white patriarchal panel they have planned for tonight:

Kate O'Biern, Kathryn Lopez, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and Mona Charen

If only there were somewhere in this movement for a young woman to find inspiration. Oh well. Back to my cookies.

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