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Blogs For Life Conference

I'm on a New Media panel at the Blogs For Life Conference today, around 3 p.m. While I'm not a specifically pro-life blogger, since that's not really my issue, I'm hoping my thoughts on blogging in general will be helpful. And, I'm sure there will be plenty to learn from the other folks there about the ways in which exclusively pro-life blogs are carrying the banner. Should be fun.


I'll probably take pictures, and may blog from there.

Speaking of pro-life, Townhall all-star Katie Favazza saw pro-life '08-er Sam Brownback speak last night.

All I have to say is, Sam Brownback drives a hybrid Honda? And, I thought he was the only one of the field that wasn't a squish. I'm outraged!

Update: I was unaware, or I would have told you, but you can watch a live webcast of the Blogs for Life conference, here. 

Katie was liveblogging the panel I was on, here. Other bloggers on the panel: David All of The David All Group, Rob Bluey of Human Events, La Shawn Barber, and Tim of ProLifeBlogs.

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