Gator Haters

Posted: Jan 18, 2007 2:36 PM

What would I call this?

Last night, the House took up a resolution to honor the University of Florida for their victory in the BCS National Championship game. Although we do feel that the Florida Gators did a great service by proving once again that the SEC is THE elite conference in college football, as Georgia Bulldogs, we could support no such resolution. We encouraged Jack to vote against this resolution as we felt the constituents of the First District would want him to do so.

Jack was the lone Member of Congress to oppose the resolution, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. Despite getting much grief for his vote from his House colleagues, he was able to deliver the fundamental message we wanted him to convey —


Sour grapes? Immature? Spiteful? Or, entirely appropriate?

Actually, I think it's pretty funny, and should get Kingston a few media hits. If Georgia, God willing, ever again wins a national championship, I would smile upon a Florida Congressman who did the same. Anyone who gets wadded up about this should probably chill.

Oh, and blogging's going to be a little light because I'm working on a column and HamNation. Just a heads-up.