Sheikh 'Catmeat' Hilali Misinterpreted Again!

Posted: Jan 11, 2007 5:16 PM

Remember the high-ranking Australian Islamic cleric who compared women who are raped to untended meat left out for alley cats? It's not the cats' fault, right?

Now, he's back to defending rapists, and he's added calling his fellow Australians "liars" to his repertoire. 

"Their values [Australia’s] are upside down. They have no democracy, no freedom. They are the worst liars and unjust people,” the sheik said in the Arabic-language interview.

Alhilali also defended the Muslim men convicted of Sydney’s gang rapes, a position that has caused controversy in the past.

Would you believe it? He says he's been misinterpreted again. Silly Australians, always mishearing the good sheikh.

"This is a calculated conspiracy aimed at terrorising our Islamic community, aimed at me first in order to bring the Islamic community to its knees,” Sheik Hilaly said in Arabic.

And, because it's topical, here's a HamNation refresher course on Hilali: