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Toolkit for Tonight: Gators and Buckeyes

The CBS game preview, thanks to YouTube:

I'm pretty sure this is one time that Vols fan Preston of Six Meat Buffet and I can agree on this sentiment: "God help us if the Gators win. That garrish blue and orange will be on every pre-teen and Pop Warner football player in every corner of the nation for the next year." You're not one of those "Kumbaya-and-root-for-the-conference" folks, are you Preston?


Florida Cracker would probably beg to differ with me. Don't worry, Cracker. I'm just bitter. Did anyone notice that all of the Clips Demonstrating Florida's Prowess in the above preview came from the Georgia game? Yuck.

ESPN says they're all sleazeballs anyway, so there. Actually, I covered Chris Leak when he played in high school in North Carolina, and though both Florida and Ohio State programs have had ethical problems over the years, Leak always came across like a classy, polite kid in my experience.

If you've got a spare three grand, you can get a ticket to the battle of the handsomest quarterbacks: 

Heh, you knew I was gonna throw that in there.

Top BCS Championship games of all time: a pictorial.

Enjoy, everyone!

Update: Wow, really well played, Florida. As much as I dislike the Gators, it's nice to see a North Carolina boy (Leak) take home a championship, especially after the Florida faithful have given him such a hard time. A friend consoles me by pointing out that this championship means Urban Meyer has won the same number of championships as Steve Spurrier, in just two years' time. And, when Spurrier is shamed, we all win! Just kidding, it was a good game, and it's good for the SEC. I know that in my head, but disliking Florida is more of a heart thing.


Also, a helmetless sack? You gotta love that. That oughtta be on YouTube shortly.


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