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Barney Frank Accuses Bush of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Katrina

And, somehow, they get away with saying we're the ones who bring down the tone of discourse? Somehow, they can plead for civility on TV without getting laughed back to their Northeastern enclaves? 


And, to think I once gave this man a F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S shout-out.

Frank's office has responded that he didn't mean Bush was killing people on purpose, per se, just letting the hurricane clear all the black folks out, so the state could rise Republican. Yeah, I don't think you can really make use the phrase "ethnic cleansing" about a fellow public figure and claim there wasn't a little extra meaning behind it. It's the very definition of a "loaded phrase," and it's just plain irresponsible to use it that way. And, on top of that, the facts are, you know, crazy and wrong. Hot Air has a transcript, so click over and read everything.

Mostly on the same subject, but worth a full read to get the rest of it, The Anchoress has it right when she says "Civic Immaturity is the New Sophistication." Frank will be lauded for speaking truth to power in many circles. His behavior will be considered the utmost in high-minded, urbane political discussion. Ridiculous.

H/t to Conservative Grapevine on the Anchoress link.

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