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Dear Conservatives: There's Good News and Bad News

The Good News:

Jeb Hensarling was elected Republican Study Committee Chairman, 57-42.

Hensarling carries the Mark of the Club-- frowned upon by D.C. elite, smiled upon by me:


Hensarling was elected in 2002 with Club member support and he has remained a steadfast hero for taxpayers.

The Bad News:

Remember that guy in Tennessee who we were all defending and cheering and donating to, so that we could pick us up a Senate seat in the name of Republicans and possibly a hint of conservatism? Well, we knew he was no Coburn, but this???

Corker is a Main Street Republican.

Some of this group's notable achievements include helping the GOP cave into ani-ANWR forces in 2005 and boasting this list of Senatorial members, and pressing the President to ditch his repeal of the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements in the wake of Katrina (which is a fancy way of saying they made the reconstruction cost a whole lot more than it could have). And, they're funded by Soros!

You can check out their list of "successes" for yourself.

RedState is unhappy.

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