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HamNation: Racin' to the Bottom!

It didn't take long for the green flag to drop in this race.

And, yeah, I know all the Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart fans are out there just waiting to pounce. Bring it on.

There are a couple classic NASCAR moments in the clips for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing. Hope you like them. Hat tip to my friend Andy for help with the clips, Allah for the 402-2 figure, and big thanks to Justin Germany of Campaign Solutions for the great work!

Update: Just a heads-up. I'm headed for home sweet home today, so I'll be on the road for much of the day, but I'll be back in the evening. The road oughtta be fun.

Update: If it wasn't playing for you, I had one of my YouTube settings goofy, but it should be fixed now.

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