Allen To Concede

Posted: Nov 09, 2006 11:42 AM

He didn't do himself any favors, that's for sure, but during my short time in this state, he was a good Senator, and I know he was a good governor before that.

There are many in Virginia who know him as more than Sen. Macaca, and will remember him as more than that. There just weren't enough, apparently.

The Allen campaign has been monitoring the local canvassing of the election results and has not seen enough change to affect the outcome. Webb won by about 7,000 votes out of 2.3 million cast. 

The margin was low enough under state law to allow Allen to request a recount, but sources said he did not want the election to drag on.

Allah says 3 p.m. for the announcement.

Update: Hugh says the party has another rock star:

Senator Webb will be mentioned as Hillary's running mate as often as Senator Obama.

Webb's last ad was on TV constantly the last weekend of the campaign. I thought it was classy, but listen to the dialogue.

"As a Marine, I fought a lot of battles for this country. But the battle we're in right now is the most important of my life."

He's not talking about the war on Islamofascism.


Update: Allen just conceded. It has seemed he would do that for a couple days. He was under pressure from-- OF ALL PEOPLE-- Chuck Schumer to do the "gentlemanly" thing. Of course, you can usually count on a Republican to concede in the face of defeat instead of undermining the process and his opponent by fighting a losing battle, so encouragement likely wasn't necessary, but Chuck and the others never like to miss the opportunity to exhibit completely unwarranted self-righteousness. You know, sometimes it gets really grating to be the bigger man in these contests.

Allah will have video of both Allen and Webb in a bit.

Allen says he won’t ask for a recount as it would cause too much rancor and waste taxpayer money.
Bigger. Man. I can't imagine the Nutroots would have allowed for a Webb concession in the same situation.