AP Highlights of Exit Polls; Grain of Salt, But I Know You're Jonesin' for Info

Posted: Nov 07, 2006 6:16 PM

This, from the AP. And, they're exit polls, people, so good or not, let's take them with a salt lick.


A strong majority about six in 10 voters disapproved of the war in Iraq.

Only a third said the war has improved the long-term security of the United States, down from almost half 46 percent in the 2004 national exit poll.

Some two-thirds said Iraq was very important to their vote, and they strongly favored Democratic House candidates.

I'm not thrilled with the way the war in Iraq is going, either, but it doesn't mean I'd be in favor of losing as precipitously as possible, ala the Dems. Next up, economy, corruption, and scandal:


Despite the importance of Iraq, even more voters said the economy, government corruption and scandal were very important to their votes. Eight of 10 said the economy was very important; almost as many said corruption and scandals were very important. Terrorism was rated at least as important as Iraq.

I wonder if that's an accurate view of the economy as good, or the inaccurate NYT view of the economy that's influencing people. Hmmm.


Far more voters said national issues mattered more than local issues in their House vote, but there was no difference in how those groups voted in House contests.


Four in 10 voters said they expect life for the next generation to be worse than life today; three in 10 said it would be better.

They think life will be worse? I wonder if that's because they just voted Dem. Self-awareness.


More than twice as many voters said they felt angry toward President Bush as felt enthusiastic. About four in 10 voters approved of how Bush is handling his job, slightly more than say that about Congress.

Caveats on exit polling, from the RNC. Bad track record from '04:

Ohio: NEP Projected Sen. Kerry Winning By 6.5% - President Bush Carried By 2.1%;

Pennsylvania: NEP Projected Sen. Kerry Winning By 13.8% -- Sen. Kerry Won By 2.3%;

Virginia: NEP Projected a Dead Heat – President Bush Carried By 8%