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An <em>Actual</em> Dirty Trick: Fake Talent Porn Site

This is so not safe for work (but I won't link anything non-safe).

Katie, our resident Missouri expert, tipped me to this.

Unlike the questionably dirty repeat robocalls Josh Marshall is decrying, this is an actual, no-brainer, nasty dirty trick from the liberals.


Someone got ahold of a domain name similar to the Talent for Senate website, and put up a fake site with Talent's picture and logo up top followed by picture of a Talent look-alike performing a lewd sexual act on another man.


Cue the Wonkette post, in which the oh-so-funny writers will advise Republicans to just "get a sense of humor about these things, geez. This is at least as funny as the time we caught the totally-real-and-not-at-all-fake Michelle Malkin wearing a bathing suit like a straight-up ho, right? Right." Yeah, high-larious.

Update: Fairly enough, one of my liberal commenters points out that it's not the DCCC that's behind the site, which is a distinction indeed. Just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply the Democratic Party was behind it; just making the point that this is much more definitely dirty than the robocalls, which I think are questionably dirty.

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