Brad and Angelina Threatened By Al-Qaeda Over Daniel Pearl Film

Posted: Nov 03, 2006 10:26 AM

But aren't Hollywood liberals/third-world baby adopters/U.N. darlings immune to this kind of thing?

Nope, not when you go and make a movie about a Jew:

Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, shooting for the film A Mighty Heart based on the life of slain Journalist Daniel Pearl at Pune have been provided with Y category security due to threat to their lives from the al-Qaeda, Intelligence Bureau sources said in New Delhi on Thursday.

After assessing the inputs on threat perception from various intelligence agencies, India has provided the desired security to the international stars, sources told UNI.

The Maharashtra Police was also informed about the threat perception as the film is based on Pearl, who was assassinated by the al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan after being abducted on January 23, 2002 while working on a story on Islamic militancy...

Jolie plays the role of Mariane, the widow of Pearl, the South Asia Correspondent with the Wall Street Journal. American actor Dan Futtermann is in the role of Pearl. Pitt makes a guest appearance in the movie directed by Micheal Winterbottom.

Al-Qaeda objects to the "bad publicity" the film will give them. No, seriously. That's what the article says.

Here's the IMDB page for A Mighty Heart. Dan Futterman is playing Daniel Pearl in the film based on Mariane's book by the same name.

This all happened while filming in India, where British security folks got word from Pakistan to be on the alert. Jolie had previously said she was disappointed they weren't shooting in Karachi due to possible security threats:

Jolie said in a weekend statement that she was disappointed not to be filming in Pakistan, "a country I love and have visited three times." But security concerns pushed the filming to the western Indian city of Pune, which was chosen because it resembles Karachi, Pakistan.

Most of the reaction to this film in celebrity news and gossip so far has been about Angelina being cast to play a biracial woman, which many objected to despite the fact that Mariane Pearl was delighted with the casting. I wonder if Hollywood will be as quick to condemn the threats on Brangelina's life by Islamic militants as it has to condemn the casting of a white woman in Mariane's role.