There's Smart and Then There's Kerry Smart

Posted: Nov 01, 2006 10:13 AM

First, Scott Ott is a genius.


The Washington Post knows what the real story is.

GOP strategists know well that no political party has successfully weathered a midterm election with such an unpopular president in office. Bush's challenge as he campaigns in the final days of the election is to find a way to excite and mobilize a fractured Republican base without triggering an even bigger turnout among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents that could cost his party the House or Senate.

The NYT on the "Bush attack" on Kerry:

For at least a few hours on Tuesday, President Bush had a chance to relive his victorious campaign of 2004, taking a break from a bleak Republican campaign season as he attacked Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts over the war in Iraq.

Michelle caught the AP's lovely Jennifer Loven turning the story into a "when Bush attacks" story yesterday, too. Allah found CNN doing it. Bush is so attacky!

Newsbusters compares headlines.

Kerry's events have been cancelled. Oh, I'm sure the fun won't stop, though. Both Suzanne Malveaux and Jack Cafferty are "hoping" the Kerry story will disappear.

Milbloggers respond at Mudville Gazette and Blackfive. From a Navy man. And, milblogger John Noonan has the nerve to try some intellectual ladder climbing by using the word "pellucid" in a blog post. Just who does he think he is? A Senator?

Speaking of a John I like, Noonan is heading up my team in the Valour-IT fundraiser. We're Team Air Force, and we've raised more than $11K for this great project already. The charity buys voice-activated laptops for soldiers recovering from hand and arm injuries and amputations.

Donate through the Air Force button on John's page because I can't get the dumb button code to work on my blog.

Update: Imus tells Kerry to shut up and windsurf.

Update: The RNC brings the "Apologize" web ad.