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Let's Play 'Fiiiiind the Raaaaacism!'

It's everybody's favorite game.

This time, the GOP is shamelessly working to inflame the notoriously racist population of Massachusetts in the governor's race between Republican Kerry Healey (white woman) and Democrat Deval Patrick (black man). Wait, a white woman and a black man in the same commercial? I've seen this trick before.


By my calculations, every ad in this campaign has had racist overtones! You can't just mix races willy-nilly in political ads and expect us to believe it's just because there's a black candidate and a white candidate in the race. I mean, we weren't born yesterday. You especially can't produce ads about rape and include candidates of both races. It's so blatant!

To the untrained eye, the message of this ad might look like, "Rapists bad. Don't praise rapists." But there's so much more to it. Members of the state Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence, of which Healey is chairwoman, now want her to step down because of the ad's many inappropriate messages:

It also criticized her recent TV ad depicting a woman walking alone in a parking garage fearing a rapist, saying it evoked racial overtones.

“This ad perpetuates three damaging myths: first, that only women are at risk for sexual violence; second, that strangers - particularly those who come from communities of color - are those who should be feared the most; and third, that rapists are visibly unsavory individuals,” the letter read.

What? You didn't see all that in the ad? But if the ad's not racist and harmful, what other reason would these women have for attacking Healey?

But commission member and outspoken victims’ advocate Wendy Murphy said the move was political. Several signers of the letter are registered Democrats and made donations to Patrick.

Let's just face it y'all. If you're a white Republican contesting a black Democrat this election season, you're racist. So, quit trying to deny it.

Here, by the way, is the backstory on the convicted rapist, LaGuer. He seems to be the "Tookie" Williams of Massachusetts. Lots of celebrity backers and press support despite the fact that his DNA was in a rape kit for this incident:

LaGuer, 43, was talking to me from the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, a maximum security prison where he is serving a life sentence for rape. The victim was a 59-year-old Leominster woman who was bound with a telephone cord and assaulted for eight hours in 1983.

Healey seems to be hopelessly behind in this race, but it's never too late to call a Republican racist! Sometimes, it's just plain fun!

(Apologies to Allah for stealing "raaaaacism" from him, but it works, so I shall hat-tip him.) 

Thanks to reader Matt for the story.

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