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HamNation: Liberating Halloween, Hilali-Style

For background on the Hilali statement, Hot Air had the original story. Outcry in Australia has been pretty impressive-- some from John Howard and some from the country's biggest Islamic organization, which called on him to resign. Allah has more reactions, and a "baby, you know I love you" from Hilali.


No outcry, as I noted, from the NOW or Ms. Magazine and its three blogs.

Instead, from NOW:

Who can forget voter suppression tactics in Florida in the presidential election of 2000? And then repeated in Ohio in 2004? Both states were pivotal to George W. Bush's election and re-election.


Ms. had nothing on Hilali, but did note a new India law on domestic violence, so clearly they're following world events. Why not this one?

Here's the Yvonne Ridley piece I mentioned: How I Learned to Love the Veil

And, Darleen Click's wonderful response to her:

Well, Ms. Yvonne, please list the Islamist countries where these Islamo-feminist women exist. Iran? Where they dangle sixteen year old girls by the neck for the crime of being a rape victim? Where "moral police" can accost and beat girls and women on the streets for showing a lock of hair or wearing fingernail polish?

Sweetheart, that's your Sharia. Islamic law uncontaminated by evil Western rule of law. Own it. Own it all. Including your "laughing" in derision about Vida Samadzai while remaining silent about the death threats she has received from your "feminist" co-religionists.

I will own the warts of excessiveness of Western Civilization because the cost/benefit sheet comes down positively in the benefit column, regardless of the silliness of Paris Hilton.

I notice you live in England, not Iran, and enjoy the freedoms of Western society while embracing a religion that tolerates a radical element that would erase your rights as a human being if it were successful in its stated goal of world dominance.


More of the lovely Wafa Sultan and Brigitte Gabriel. Enjoy them both, and have a great Halloween wearing whatever you want, since you have the glorious freedom to be modest or not!

Update: Watch Vent today. Some would call it "fearmongering," except that these people are for real, and you for real don't want them in charge.

Update: Check out producer Justin Germany's other great work, here. He's awesome. My actual Halloween costume below-the-fold, by the way, because I'm really proud of it. Next to me is my friend Emily Dunham, who beat me in the costume contest with her hand-painted Blackberry. Grrrr. [# More #]


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