Harold Ford Says RNC Ad Wasn't Racist

Posted: Oct 29, 2006 2:27 PM

"I don't think race had anything to do with that ad."

Wasn't it Aravosis who said yesterday that the racism charges were coming from mostly black leaders? Well, not this black leader. Smart move by Ford. I wish most Republicans had the guts to say the same.

He does say the ad is smutty, which I think is a little bit pushing it, since the ad was going after him for allegedly attending a Playboy party-- a problem he compounded by not being straight in owning up to it.

I, for one, am apparently a bit more libertarian on this issue than social conservatives or the suddenly very prudish liberal Dems decrying this ad. I don't have a big problem with Ford attending a Playboy party, although I think it's fair game, politically, and could be an issue for him with social cons and, perhaps, married women swing voters.

I also don't have a big problem with the sexual nature of the RNC ad. Carol Lin called the "bimbo" in the ad a "prostitute" yesterday. For real? If strapless shirts now mean "prostitute," I'm gonna have to rethink some of my wardrobe choices. She's a Playmate. She's a party grirl. She's not a prostitute, for goodness sake. All in all, it's pretty tame.