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HamNation: Racism! It's Everywhere!

It's in every political ad, as long as you look hard enough. According to my findings, even Harold Ford Jr. himself is sending coded messages.

My column, on the same subject, is here. As one of my commenters put it so well, "I'm fixin' to throw a fit over this."


And, if you missed Chris Matthews calling all of us racists earlier this morning, go here and let the healing begin. This Philadelphia native and Washington denizen knows all about the South and how to turn it from the neanderthal's paradise it is now into a tolerant liberal's dream. 1. Assume all Southern whites are racists and treat them with nothing but contempt. 2. Never mention interracial anything for fear of rousing them to riots. 3. Get all the black guys to start acting "unthreatening" and "child-like." That should do it. Thanks, Chris!

Update: Seriously, these people have issues. This liberal "debunking" of the RNC's ad alleges that the hunter pictured in the ad in camo paint, is actually in blackface. The. Hunter. Is. In. Blackface. He sees the hunter and thinks blackface. Who has the racial hang-ups again? Projection.

Thanks once again to producer Justin Germany of Campaign Solutions for his great work on this.

Update: Ace has more ideas for great Republican commercials: "That's the kind of ad that would motivate me, a conservative racist homophobic retard."

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