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Being a Conservative Daytime Personality: Feel the Love

Talk about gun-rights on daytime TV, get shot on nighttime TV.

So, apparently, Law and Order SVU saw fit to do an episode last week on a 30-year-old character in NYC named Elizabeth Hassenback, who was raped twice and then murdered.


This made Elisabeth Hasselbeck just a tad concerned, especially since "Law and Order" is a show that prides itself on its realism. You know, being "ripped from the headlines!"

The producer just couldn't understand what in the world she could have been talking about! It was just a coincidence, as is next week's episode on the rape and murder of Mosie O'Fonnell. What? What?

Yeah, right. I'm betting Mosie won't get her own, personalized murder plot from the "Law & Order" producers. Trashy. I'll have to look out for this episode. Did anyone see it? Does the character look like Elisabeth?

Bonus stupid from Mosie, at Hot Air.

Update: A friend e-mails to inform me that the victim didn't look like Elisabeth, but that the name was enough to make him rewind the DVR to check what they had said. Seems a little close for comfort to me, but I'm glad the character wasn't a blonde TV show host married to a football player.

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