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Links of an Angel

Ridiculous headline of the day:

GOP Loss Could Spark Partisan Warfare

Actually, I've often thought that the only good thing about Republicans losing this year, if they indeed lose, is that they'd do it with the grace the Left has so sorely lacked for so long. They wouldn't tear at the foundations of the Republic and the voters' confidence with whiny little paranoid baby stories about Diebold and Karl Rove. And, they're the better party for it. That's one reason I stick with them even when I'm not happy with them.


Is Santorum creeping up? A new poll shows him within 7 points.

Duncan Hunter to Wolf Blitzer: Does CNN want us to win this thing? Good question.

Good news from Iraq? Believe it, but you won't hear it from CNN.

Watch the new Zucker GOP ad: The Taxman, upper right-hand corner. It's a good one, as are all of his.

Must-read: Dean Barnett takes on the Michael J. Fox ad for Claire McCaskill 

Must-see: The MJF ad for Claire McCaskill

The veil is empowering, says Islamo-feminist.




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