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You're a Daisy If You Do

The RNC has a good ad out. A serious ad.

Watch at

It is very daisy-like. "These are the stakes."

Ace is skeptical of its usefullness, but sees the silver lining:


TusharD mentions what I was about to mention-- the idea that this could produce overreaction by the left, and get them to say what they really believe (i.e., the terrorist threat is almost entirely "fictitious"), and hence prod them into running advertisements against themselves.

The Kos Kidz came close to it, but I'm not sure any candidate is dumb enough to.

But, as much as I like the light, uplifting ads, I like this one better. There are deadly serious issues at stake, and the Republicans have the perfect right to highlight them for voters, despite what the Left will tell you about "fear-mongering." I like the "Bear in the Woods" lighter-touch better than the "Daisy" whammy, but that's just a matter of taste, I think. This ad's a good call.

But while we're on the subject, I'll take any excuse to run this ad:


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