There's Strong. And, Then There's Army Strong.

Posted: Oct 13, 2006 2:49 PM

I've discussed the design of recruiting commercials before.

An important marketing lesson. When recruiting men who kick as much tail as Navy SEALs, one must have commercials that kick an equal amount of tail.

Exhibit A.

Via Michelle and Blackfive, here's Exhibit B:

Blackfive likey a lot. They also throw some video love to the Air Force.

There was plenty of Army Strong in D.C. this week. I ended up over by the Convention Center and ran into the Association of the United States Army's annual event-- a sort of trade show for Army guys, as far as I could gather. The place was crawling with boots and berets. Best Metro ride I ever took.

Milblogger Greyhawk says things are looking up for military recruitment.

Also, I question the timing, but Glenn and Helen did a podcast on Army Recruitment just this week-- an interview with the Army Secretary. If you ask me, the military-industrial complex is just sucking in bloggers and making them their pawns. But that's just me. Oh, and Dylan Avery. I bet he knows I'm right.

Update: Folks are having trouble with the Navy SEALs video, so I sought out a better version for you. Enjoy, and mark the response time! Results at the MKH blog.