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Yankees' Pitcher Corey Lidle Killed in Yesterday's Plane Crash

That was confirmed after I left the office yesterday.

Whether the subject is sports or politics, you can be sure of one thing-- Keith Olbermann will remain classless.


I don't know a lot about this kind of thing, but this YouTube at Wizbang! is fascinating. Someone looked up the radar track for Lidle's flight yesterday and found that he was avoiding a mid-air collision about a minute before he crashed.

The FAA is backing off reports that there was a mayday call from him before the crash, so who knows.

The NYT has a nice profile of Lidle. And, further coverage.

As far as I can tell, only Lidle and his flight instructor died in the crash, instead of the four casualties some reported yesterday.

Update: Commenter Brando doesn't think Olbermann was slamming Lidle. I don't think he's slamming him, either. He's giving an honest assessment of his baseball career. He just doing it really dumbly and tastelessly considering the guy just died hours ago. "Not a superstar" would have been 'nuf said, but I think he says "not a star" three times in that short clip. Ouch, dude. Lay off.

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