Columbia Idiocy Fall-Out

Posted: Oct 09, 2006 4:15 PM

Because we had Foley Fall-Out,  and now the NorK's actual fall-out, so I shall dub this Idiocy Fall-Out.

From Ace, I found this video of one of the free-speech enthusiasts at Columbia on Heartland. She's one of the brave folks who disrupted a speech by the Minutemen last week instead of, you know, debating them. Brilliant girl.

Ace's take:

She's the perfect spokesman for the Stepford Left -- robotic, braindead, bilssfully self-assured about her factory-standard programming as only a Fembot can be. 
Paging Allah.

Michelle Malkin, who knows a thing or two about having her free speech disrupted by the oh-so-tolerant, skewers the Columbia punks in Vent today.