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On the Ground and All Foleyed Out

I just landed in Milwaukee after a loooong delay in Philadelphia. I'm here for a conference, speaking on a panel tomorrow. A Blogs 101-type thing.

I fear that the panel is at 8 a.m. Yikes. It occurred to me during my trip that I look very unlike someone who should be speaking in front of anyone. I travel kind of trashy. Today, I was in a baseball-style Chicago concert tee from their 1985 tour, a pair of ripped jeans, and flip-flops. The only clue that I have a real job is the Blackberry. Two people at the airport bar walked up and asked if I was old enough to have a beer. Neither of them was the bartender.


I also managed to fall up the stairs at my apartment on my last trip upstairs for my bag. I caught myself on the banister before getting too skinned up, but I got a nice, perfectly vertical cut from my wrist to about halfway up the inside of my forearm. It's looks like I, err, tried to do something to myself.

If anyone asks about it, I'm just gonna tell them that we must make sure sleazy Congressmen quit e-diddling pages so as to preserve my emotional well-being. Or, something bad could happen.

Since I left the computer, it appears the prank angle on the Foley story didn't turn into much, and three more pages are claiming to have been on the receiving end of sexual advances from Foley.

I still think Hastert shouldn't resign. If he does, the Dems just go after another head, and you've given up a leader and a seat. I don't know...I'm very weary of this story. I was wondering today how the press would deal with the weary factor. Sure, they're all partisan Dems, but it still takes its toll covering something this sicky.

I was looking at coverage tonight, and it's taken an interesting turn.

The e-mail page's family is asking the media to leave them alone. And, Reuters and Washington Post are both now covering the story behind the story-- who the heck had the IMs for so long?

The press is restless. Allah says Hastert should resign to get us off this subject. I disagree with him. I think a Hastert resignation would get us back on the same old storyline just as the press is turning the corner and talking about the provenance of the IMs.


Also, overheard in an airport bar:

Guy: So, this Foley thing is crazy.

Girl: Foley?

Guy: Yeah, the guy with the pages.

Girl: Oh yeah, he stepped down, right?

Guy: Yeah, I think so. Not sure.

Sometimes I forget how weird I am. 

Update: So, my room key says Hilton and the street signs say Milwaukee, but my "Guide to Milwaukee" magazine says something entirely different. The cover story? "Private Dancers: The Real Story Behind Milwaukee's Erotic City." Huh?

The cover shot is all-out fish-netted gams, a pole, and platform shoes-- all very tasteful, of course-- and the pull-quote is this doozy:

"Once a dancer puts out, the fantasy is over."

Welcome to Milwaukee, business travelers!  

Well, I'm outta here in just a couple hours, so I won't have time to, err, see the sights. But guess what I'm flying into next?

Quality traveling.



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