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Blog Triumphalism: Panel Style!

The Heritage Foundation is holding a panel today to discuss our ultimate blogospheric victory over the evils of pork.

You can watch the event live over the Web via the link in the right column under "Government 2.0."


N.Z. Bear, Justin Rood, and Tim Chapman will be there.

And, if a Heritage panel isn't evidence enough of legitimacy and cred inside the Beltway, check this out.

OMB-- just another way to spell "cool."

Update: Mark Tapscott notes a Damascus Road moment for an MSMer:

"As a traditional print journalist, I have to say I was amazed at the power of the bloggers. I couldn't get over how effective they were at holding this government accountable. And what you see oftentimes in Washington is this caste system. And if it's not in The New York Times or The Washington Post, it doesn't matter.

There's more. Read on, Triumphalists!


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