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Update: You can watch the Sunday Times' five clips, here. Clip No. 4 is the one full of the hijackers grinning like Cheshire cats. There's also one of Atta joking around, trying on a hat, making eyes at the camera. Creepy.


It strikes me that Atta aged rather badly between this video and the picture of him we're all familiar with. I guess stressing about exactly how many innocent Americans you can manage to slaughter in one fell swoop can take its toll on one's complexion.

Also creepy-- the first clip of Osama bin Laden's HQ, where he's giving a speech, shows close-ups of about four toddlers in the crowd. The next generation's little Attas?

I'm guessing Allah will have highlights, so check over there in a bit.

Update: Fox just had Hamid Mir on to discuss the Atta tapes. Everyone's been asking why this tape would show up now. Mir, a Pakistani journalist with many contacts within al Qaeda, warned that it may be a signal to al Qaeda operatives about an impending attack. Hmm, even more creepy.

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