Bikini Wars Continue

Posted: Sep 30, 2006 8:12 PM

Wonkette is still holding on tight to the Malkin Photoshop.

They're using Step 6 from yesterday's playbook expertly:

In fact, if possible, mock the female, conservative pundit in an update to the fake photo post and imply that the whole thing was a big joke, so you can then imply that conservatives are humorless blowhards in addition to being shamelessly hypocritical peddlers of two-piece swim-smut.

The original Wonkette post clearly used the photo, not as an admitted Photoshop, but as evidence that Malkin is a hypocrite (yeah, I don't follow it either), so writing it off as mere "making fun" now is a cop out, even if Wonkette is a humor site.

Meanwhile, Chris Muir manages to lighten the mood without insulting anyone.

Thanks, Chris!