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Partisan in Our PJs

Last night's event at The Press Club was a lot of fun. I met a lot of folks I hadn't met before or hadn't seen in while-- Bill from INDC, who I had never seen INDC ever before, Val Prieto of Babalu Blog, Fausta, Pamela, Claudia Rosette, Tom Bevan, and Austin Bay.


I'm not gonna have time to write much about the substance of the panel-- and there was plenty of substance--because I have to run out to yet another event, but my first thoughts on a panel called, "How Partisan is Too Partisan?"

It's a good thing y'all held this panel in September, because in October the answer's gonna be, "not a damn thing!"

Fellow Townhall blogger Josue has more intellectual thoughts on it, and Pamela has pictures (I'm in there if you scroll far enough). More at PJM.

I know I keep saying this, but I'll be back soon.

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