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Allen vs. Webb on 'Meet the Press'

I'm watching them debate. Is it just me or is this achingly boring?

And, I'm from Virginia!

The only entertaining thing about it is they're wearing matching suits and ties, and Webb looks like Allen's obnoxious, clingy little brother. "Come on, George. Lemme play Senator with you. Pleeaase?"


Update: Jon Henke liveblogged the debate. His post is, frankly, more interesting than watching the debate. Enjoy.

Update: Dean Barnett declares Webb the winner. Barnett in entertaining, as always. Enjoy.

Update: For what it's worth, it didn't look to me like Webb won. Dean gives him credit on style, but I didn't notice he had a lot of substance for those questions about what to do in Iraq. But again, I wasn't really focused like a laser.


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