The Opposite of Message Control on the Cardin Campaign

Posted: Sep 15, 2006 4:28 PM

A Cardin staffer dishes about the race card, Oreos, and her candidate's skeezy friends, on her blog.


Cardin is the Dem candidate for Senate who is facing Michael Steele in Maryland.

Remember when Steele was pelted with Oreos in 2002-- a comment on his lack of "race loyalty" and authenticity?

Here's the Cardin staffer on the naughty fun of eating Oreos in the office:

The subterfuge would be unnecessary, and snack time would be far less amusing, had an angry citizen not thrown the aforementioned delicious snack food at one of our opponents to comment on his lack of racial loyalty. He's not our opponent yet, not unless we win next Tuesday, but it would be bad to have the cookies lying around where anyone can seen them.

Before I leave, however, I need a picture of all of us holding the forbidden cookies with the caption: "Devouring the Competition."

Well, take heart little staffer. When you're done with this gig-- which will be, um, today-- you'll have a wide-open future speaking on panels about blogs at technology and politics conferences. Seriously, they love people who have been fired for blogging, even when the firing was a result of their own stupidity. As long as they're self-righteously indignant about it! Plus, you have the extra cred of being made the victim of thuggy, right-wing bloggers. Heck, you may just be a keynote, girl! Blog on!

Update: My favorite comment:

Now, in Baltimore, my vowels seem to be developing a disturbing shift. It's more pronounced while phone banking (and probably adds to my effectiveness) than in normal conversation, but it's creeping up nonetheless. I love my job, and I like this area, but I absolutely CANNOT develop a southern accent.

Yep, that kind of attitude will help win a campaign below the Mason-Dixon Line. I wonder how she gets her earrings through those tin ears?

Update: Hey, now that I think of it, Steele is one of our candidates at Rightroots. Just sayin'...