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Rosie O'Moral Equivalence (<b>Update:</b> It's Equivalence Tuesday on Today!)

Rosie O'Donnell on "The View:"

"Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America."

Update: I gots video of the political genius herself. I love how she acts like Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the dumb one, when she's spouting this crap: "Afghanistan never threatened to kill us...We will never bring peace at the hands of war."


I feel like I should start an Elisabeth support blog. Thanks to Ken for the video:

Newsbusters has more. 

The audience applauds. Loudly. "The View" is filmed in NYC. Honoring the threat?

You should see the look on Hasselbeck's face. Bless her heart, I can't believe she has to deal with them every day. To her credit, Joy Behar does concede that "well, Christians aren't threatening to kill us. There is a difference." Barbara says nothing. Nice.

This is inane. Yeah, I'm watching "The View." Don't ask. I'm not gonna even bother making excuses; y'all will rag on me no matter what.


Update: Via Hot Air, it's "Equivalence Tuesday" on the Today Show!

Update:  Confederate Yankee caught me watching "The View." What he doesn't mention is that we were totally IMing about it the whole time, especially that riveting interview with "Survivor" host Jeff Probst.

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