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Watching It All Fall Down

Hot Air has a three-part, thirty-minute edit of CNN's coverage from the morning of Sept. 11. Here's the first part. All three will be up soon.

I listened to this again this weekend. I will never forget the last seconds of it. It's very, very rough, so be prepared to cry if you click. Kevin Cosgrove died in the collapse of World Trade Center Two.


 This is a 9/11 musical tribute, but a good one with some images I haven't seen elsewhere today.

The aftermath near the Pentagon. Sadly, this only one of two or three Pentagon videos on YouTube that don't have something to do with the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Michelle also has a very graphic video of World Trade Center victims jumping from the tops of the Towers, but be prepared before you watch it.

Update: Charles Johnson wonders what happened to the CNN footage of Palestinians celebrating in the streets. I was watching MSNBC's rebroadcast of the Today show and I didn't see the footage there, either. They did mention the celebrations, but didn't show them.

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