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What do Ted Kennedy and Lindsay Lohan Have in Common?, and Other Political Stories

And, the sun also rises.

I've got confidence that spring will come again. And, as you can see, I've got confidence in me!"

Some see him as Hitler.

"Do you ever picture the Senate Dems as the cast from "Mean Girls"? If you ignore the fact that Kennedy's legs aren't nearly as nice as Rachel McAdams', it's really a stunning likeness. "Joe, it's so nice to see you. You look so fetch in seersucker....God, can you believe he wore that? It's not even Thursday."


What, do they have socialized trash-care, too?

Race relations are sure to improve.

Seeing as though the Dems' entire platform consists of creating rifts, I'd say this is a pretty safe bet. Way to put it on the line, AP.

Thank goodness she won't be legislating sin.

Candidates hit the airwaves, and so do these guys.

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