Two Injured in NC School Shooting

Posted: Aug 30, 2006 5:02 PM

From CNN:

A student was shot in the shoulder after a suspect fired eight shots toward a Hillsborough, North Carolina, high school, police told a local television station.

According to WTVD-TV, Orange County deputies have the suspect in custody.

The male suspect drove to Orange High School about 1 p.m. ET and didn't stop for school security, WTVD reported. He got out of his vehicle and fired the shots, striking the female student in the shoulder.

Another male student was injured by broken glass, the television station reported.

Another television station, News 14, said two guns were lying on the ground outside a gray minivan in the parking lot. One appeared to be a shotgun, the other a rifle, the station reported.

The Raleigh paper gives the impression it was not a student. Weird:

An armed man “flew through” the security gates of Orange High School’s parking lot in a gray minivan and fired approximately eight shots at the school early this afternoon, Orange County Schools spokeswoman Anne D’Annunzio said.

One female student was shot in the shoulder, and a male student was injured by broken glass, D'Annunzio said. Both were being treated at the scene.

“Both are fine for now,” she said.

At least one person was taken into custody following the shooting.

Glad no one was hurt worse than that. And, it sounds like they have the guy in custody. I used to play against this high school in soccer. It's one of the more rural schools in the Triangle area. We used to joke about having to watch out for cowpies stuck on your cleats.