Sure, Bethany's Hot But It Turns Out, I'm the <em>Bad</em> Girl

Posted: Aug 24, 2006 12:20 PM

Heh. Thanks to MKHFan1234 for the video...err, tribute. And to any squeamish Townhall readers-- no, there was no uncut and uncensored version of VENT. Just jokin' around.

Now, head on over to watch the always informative and ridiculously hot, Bethany of realVerse, on VENT today. In the mood to cut up your credit cards? 

On a related note, John Hawkins thinks that if the "babe theory of political movements" holds, the right side of the aisle is in very good shape. Thanks, John, for the shout-out!

And, now all the ladies are just waitin' to see Goldstein...He guest-hosts VENT tomorrow.