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Descent into Dorkiness


Tonight is the debut of a new reality TV show-- "The Hill" on Sundance.

Consisting of six half-hour episodes, "The Hill" focuses on the inner-workings of the office of Congressman Robert Wexler (Democrat, 19th district, Florida), as he battles Republicans, The President, and sometimes even his own party, on politically sensitive issues such as, Social Security reform and the war in Iraq. Wexler is somewhat of a bit player in the series, as director Ivy Meeropol focuses on Wexler's Chief of Staff Eric Johnson, Communications Director Lale Mamaux, Foreign Policy Advisor and Legislative Assistant Halie Soifer, Legislative Director Jonathan Katz and Congressman Wexler.

As a "see how the other side operates" event the series looks somewhat interesting. Mamaux and Soifer's boy troubles - dating Republicans is quite the taboo - make for interesting is occasionally annoying viewing, but Johnson's gay former Republican shtick is every bit as cliche ridden as you'd expect it to be...


Looks like they picked the right Rep. for reality TV, what with the cocaine and the hookers.  

Here's where we get to the dorky. What? You thought that was it? No, no, no.

I will be watching "The Hill" tonight. At a party. To which I was invited via MySpace. Thrown expressly for the debut of "The Hill." With a bunch of Hill-staffers. Oh, yeah! 

Now, here's my question. That was my plan for tonight until it occurred to me I might want to live-blog "The Hill."

I put it to you. Which would be more dorky?

A) Skipping a party to stay home and live-blog a reality show about life on Capitol Hill?


B) Taking my laptop to a party, piggybacking on someone's wireless, and live-blogging from there?

Please leave answers in the comments, and I will use them to make my decision tonight. Thanks, guys!

Update: I'm off to the party. It remains to be seen whether there's wireless for me to grab. Hopefully there is...If so, updates to come.

Update: All right, had trouble getting set up, but here are my notes.

Tallies: It was all very restrained, actually.

Number of Beers for Me: Just one, I swear.
Curses of Bush: Three
References to "Mean Republicans": One
Conspiracy Theories: One
Tears: Many, Many

9:01 pm: Chief of staff tells his conversion story. Republican to Democrat, straight to gay. Apparently, coming out as gay was easier than coming out as a Democrat.


9:03 pm: Actually heard, at the party, during a discussion of a resolution: "That was my bill! That was my bill!"

9:03-9:10 pm: Discussion of how best to politically exploit the deaths of 1,000 American troops.

"We just want this to be about honoring the troops. We don't want this to be about Iraq."

"Erick, where do you think these people died?"

"We need to point out that Bush's failures in Iraq, which he has admitted, have contributed to the uneccessary deaths of American troops."

9:10 pm: On dating Republicans: "I'm personally disgusted that he's a Republican...Can you share a life with someone who sees the world completely differently?

9:11 pm: Introduction of chief of staff's partner and their child.

9:12 pm: Tour of two gay staffers' child's nursery.

9:13 pm: Watching the first debate from 2004. Drinking game: drink for every time you "feel that sinking feeling when you think Kerry just blew the whole thing." Ha ha.

Aww, they seemed so happy back then. They really thought he was whooping that Republican bootay.

9:17 pm: "We can frame it that way instead of like, 'Bush f***ed up the world."

9:20 pm: Passing out flyers for Kerry in Florida: "They're all pro-Bush here. They're all pro-Bush, and they're just mean. They're just mean."

9:21 pm: "This is the year. The incumbent is gonna lose. I can feel it."

Bless their hearts.

9:22 pm: "All I know is that my days of dating Republicans are over."


9:23 pm: First Conspiracy Theory! In Florida, on electronic machines, people are pushing Kerry and it's coming up Bush!

9:25 pm: Bush wins! Everyone cries. "Will you please change the channel?"

That was the dialogue, but it was kinda the sentiment in the room, too.

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