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Grab Your Tomatoes

That's the start of my Examiner column today. Why? Because I'm a white girl talking about a race issue. Fun:

The incident happened Friday. Since then, it’s been worth two stories and an editorial in The New York Times and eight stories — three on the front page — three blog posts, one video, and one forum discussion, in The Washington Post. A Google Blog search for the week shows more posts related to “macaca” than Iraq this week, and Israel just barely hanging on for the overall lead.

Liberal blogger FireDogLake posted a photo of a burning cross and said the GOP is a “JC Penney White Sale away from its cross-burning, lynching, Jim Crow roots.” Just weeks ago, FDL’s proprietor posted a Photoshopped picture of Joe Lieberman in blackface on the Huffington Post.

All right, slow down, everyone.


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