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Gibson's Folly: A Response

Townhall columnist Meghan Basham sends me this thought as a response to e-mail she's getting about her column on Mel Gibson's outburst:

Over on The Huffington Post writer/director Nora Ephron had this to say about the Gibson debacle:

'Good old Mel. Ranting and raving in a Malibu police station. Let's just stop to savor the moment when (in case there was any doubt about it) there's finally proof positive about how Mel really feels.'

This is what I meant by reveling in his shame. I don't condone his anti-Semitic outbursts, I do believe he should suffer consequences for them, but people who are truly offended and concerned over what influence Gibson's behavior may have do not say, 'Let's just stop to savor the moment...'


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