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French Conservatives Trained Up in America

No, really. French conservatives. I mean it.

There are even pictures.

They're in Washington to get grassroots training from conservatives here, so they can grow their numbers back home.


Hopefully these bright young activists will be the remnant that will bring France back from its disastrous economic policies. Meeting with them was encouraging, and FreedomWorks will continue to provide them with advice as they head home to take on the Left in their own country.

According to the group, in France the textbooks teach that John Maynard Keynes was a “classical liberal.” If this is true, these young conservatives have quite a bit of work to do.

Bonne chance!

This program brings a new batch of conservatives every summer. I got the chance to meet several of them two summers ago, and asked each of them how they became conservative. One young lady's parents own a small vineyard, which is gasping for air under France's crushingly socialist economic and labor policies. So, she became a conservative activist to keep the family business alive.

Really. There are people like that in France. There's hope for Old Europe yet.


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