Medved on Bashing Israel

Posted: Jul 23, 2006 5:58 PM
It's a pleasure and a privelege to have Michael Medved blogging here at Townhall, offering his thoughts on the Israel/Hezbollah conflict.

He has a unique perspective and years and years of experience and knowledge with this subject. It is one of my favorite things about the new Townhall that smart guys like Medved can get into the blogging world, write up quick thoughts on breaking news, and offer all of us something we never knew before.

Here he is today:

I resist imputing bigotry as an explanation for legitimate dissent, but isn’t it logical to assume some underlying prejudice when Israel is judged by a different standard from any other nation? What other people on earth would be expected patiently to absorb literally hundreds of rocket attacks, not to mention the kidnapping of its soldiers from its own sovereign territory, without launching some firm, decisive response?

Buchanan tried to compare Israel’s reaction to the kidnapping of its soldiers to America’s restrained reaction to the seizure of our troops in Iraq – without making the obvious point that our GI’s were thousands of miles from home in a dangerous war zone, where the captured Israelis were safely in their own nation, clearly on their side of a recognized international boundary. Would the U.S. have reacted differently if Islamo-Nazis had kidnapped our troops from San Diego – rather than from Baghdad? Every American knows the answer to that.
Read the whole thing.