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Syrian Ambassador on Israel: Rich Quotes.

I caught this on C-SPAN.

The Syrian ambassador Imad Moustapha is on C-SPAN, and he's saying some wacky stuff.

"Let us agree on one thing. Do you consider attacks on civilians terrorism?”

“If you agree with me on this, then at least we agree on what is the greatest terrorist

nation in the world—Israel.”

“If you
think this is a terrorist attack, then Israel is the greatest terrorist nation in the world."

The callers are getting wacky, too. Several moonbats had to be cut off for calling the U.S. government Israel's b----.

"We are inviting Israel to engage with us."

"They can live peacefully among us and for us, we will regain our occupied land."


"There is no such thing as Israel. It is a Nazi government. The U.S. COngress is owned by Israel and the British government is owned by Israel."

C-SPAN Host: But, to play devil's advocate if I may, didn't Israel withdraw from Gaza?


"Probably if Israel would one day listen to the voice of wisdom and let Palestinians have thier sovereign state, then we could probably live in peace."

"They did not withdraw Israel turned Gaza into a prison, completely surrounded by Israel...Then Israel comes to America, where people are not really familiar with the situation and they say, 'look how nice we are.'"

"They continue on a daily basis to go into Gaza and kill civilians."

"They cannot continue to do what they are doing. They cannot depend on the protection of the United States to do whatever they want without consequences."

Yep, I can't wait for these guys to move to do something about this. I'm not sure even Bush's frank words will get through this guy's bluster.

C-SPAN Host (quoting from Weekly Standard): "Islamism became really dangerous when it seized control of Iran":

"Neo-conservatives only serve one state in the world, and that is Israel."

"Look at the disaster in Iraq today...Who is benefitting? The neo-conservatives."

"Neo-conservatism is already bankrupt here in the United States, luckily for the United States."

Caller: How much does Israel have to take before it strikes back?

"If you really care for Israel and want Israel to live safely and have to advise your Israeli friends to engage in peace talks."

"We want peace in the Middle East. Occupation must end. Occupation is the mother of all evils. Occupation must end, full stop."


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