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Live-Blogging the Duke Rape Case

La Shawn Barber is on the still-proceeding still-likely-bogus Duke rape case.

She has this to say about another rape case, which isn't getting nearly as much coverage, for some reason...

What about black men allegedly gang-raping an 11-year-old child?
What era can we harken back to and cite to explain this? I wonder how
many writers are working on broad social commentary on black
criminality? I wonder if Newsweek is working on a story titled, What Happened In That Apartment?

underage girl is allegedly gang-raped by at least two, maybe 10 men,
and the stories are few and far between. But journalists can’t stop
writing about a grown woman who voluntarily stripped at a house party
and cried rape four months ago...

Let’s play the “close your eyes and imagine” game. Forget that the
11-year-old is a “Latino” girl living in a group home and that the
alleged rapists are black football players from a city college. Picture
a black little girl assaulted by a group of burly white football
players from…oh, I don’t know…Duke University.

Got it in your head? Now tell us what you think would happen in the media. Be as creative as you want to be with the scenario.

Of course, now that evidence is actually coming out in a court of law, the national media has all but left the scene of this alleged crime. Too bad for the accused and a lacrosse program, school, and community deeply scarred by the initial fanfare around this case.

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