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Nine Scarier Words?

Wayne LaPierre and I talked yesterday about his new book, "The Global War on Your Guns: Inside the U.N.'s Plan to Destroy the Bill of Rights."

My first thought was that the book title sounded a little "sky is falling," but then I started thinking about all the headway the international community has made around the globe in banning private ownership of guns, and how little they like the fact that we haven't complied.


The people who man the NGOs that surround the U.N. make their life's work of international law, global symposia, and using both to burrow under the sovereignty of other countries.

And, they're really persistent because they have no other jobs to do. I'm glad someone's keeping an eye on them so we can head off weasely backdoor attempts to "dumb down" our freedom, as LaPierre puts it, before they become full-fledged.

It's the U.N. I swear I don't put anything past 'em.

"We're gonna get in their way and we're gonna fight them," he (LaPierre) said.

Far be it from me to question Ronald Reagan, but perhaps it's about time to rethink the scariest nine words in the English language.

"We're from the U.N. and we want your guns."

It's at least a tie.

Check out my interview with LaPierre and see what you think.

Bonus: My new mug shot, just updated today.

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