Presidential News Conference

Posted: Jun 14, 2006 12:20 PM

I missed it, but Let Freedom Ring and Wizbang both have write-ups.

Sounds like the President is doing just what he has to do, highlighting some successes in Iraq and urging the need for patience and more hard work to get the job done.

John Kerry's letting his tin ear do the talking again:

WASHINGTON -- Senator John F. Kerry is placing himself at the center of congressional action over the war in Iraq this week with a crisply worded resolution to require President Bush to withdraw almost all US troops by the end of this year.

The measure has exposed Kerry to attacks from Republicans and some Democrats, as critics rushed to tag the plan as a ``cut-and-run" strategy. But it also has made him a rallying point for antiwar activists.

This may win him friends in the Kos faction of the party, but as Hugh points out, that is not necessarily a good thing.