Duke Case Update

Posted: Jun 02, 2006 12:50 PM

La Shawn is still blogging this one closely.

She calls out a journalist for calling the Duke women's lacrosse team "ignorant" for publicly supporting the men's team:

Make sure you understand what Smith is saying. He implies that women who publicly support men accused of rape are “ignorant or insensitive” because of “94,635 rapes in the country in 2004…”

According to Smith, the women should suspend all judgment about this tale of rape because 94,635 rapes occurred in 2004. I wonder how many were also false allegations?

Following Smith’s line of reasoning, no one should support or believe anyone accused of murder because there were 16,137 murders in 2004. I’m sure a few perpetrators of those 401,326 robberies had supporters, particularly where the accusers’ stories were full of holes and, to borrow a word from Smith, dumb. What about women who supported Kobe Bryant? Were they also "ignorant and insensitive?"

There's a lot more in that post.