Parsing the Enron Verdict and Coverage

Posted: May 31, 2006 8:14 AM

The Anchoress says she called it:

Oh, lemme gloat a little bit...I wrote here:

The Enron verdict is guilty. It will be spun as a disaster for the Bushies, and no mention will be made of Clinton bringing Enron folk to India with him while in office or of his playing golf with Kenny Boy. What’s new?

Stephen Spruiell
and Amy Ridenour both parse a Howard Fineman op-ed. Amy makes this great observation (Broken link fixed now. Thanks, Emily Dunham!):
What makes the Fineman piece noteworthy -- almost hilarious -- is Fineman's admittedly admirable attempt to be fair by including caveats to his thesis that Enron belongs on "the debit side of the Bush-era ledger." Fineman's caveats outnumber his proofs by 2-1, resulting in a piece that proves the opposite of what Fineman contends.